Find Secrets by Body Language of Men? (Practical guide for Women)

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Body language or the non-verbal language is a popular topic in the world. In our previous article, we gave a basic introduction to this concept. In this article, we are going to discuss the body language of men.

How it differ from women’s?

There is a considerable difference between men and women body language from patterns and skills. According to John Gray’s book named Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus women are more similar to Venus and men are related to Mars. In other words, men are hot like Mars, and therefore, their feelings, behaviors, thinking patterns also contain this quality. On the other hand, women are soft and gentle like Venus. Inborn women bring smooth attitudes, behaviors, even a soft body and body structure.

It has been scientifically confirmed that men are most frequently use the left side of the brain and women use right side. While women are more sensitive and creative, and men are more logical and systematic. That influences to the difference of the body language. Not only has the usage of the brain, but hormone also influenced these different behaviors.

Main facts of the body language of men

Research of Harvard University revealed that women use more facial expressions for non-verbal communication and most of the time, men can hide showing their feelings from the face. But men also cannot hide emotions like anger and stress.

It can be identified that men use legs and hands movements a lot as non-verbal communication. These movements express their inner feeling which they can’t, or they don’t like to tell in words. These actions can be voluntary or involuntary. Moreover, it shows that the body language of men mostly based on physical activities than facial expressions.

Body characteristics of men

This language also has a strong and irrevocable connection with body characteristics. Position of his nose, lips, and eyes tell a lot about his soul. Not only that but hair, beard, arms, knees, fingers also show more things. In Asian countries, they use this together with astrology for prophecy. You can find more details about this connection between astrology, the body language of men and body characteristics from our next article.

The the body language of men can be identified his as hair, beard, eyebrows, eyes, nose, chin & lips.
The hair, beard, eyebrows, eyes, nose, chin & lips show the body characteristics of the person.

Body Language of Men in Love

If you try to figure out whether a man is interested in you, definitely you should pay attention to his body language. As you already know, body language cannot be hided, and because of this reason you can find out his actual intention through his body language.

Furthermore, every lover, before he tells it in words, tries to express his opinion in body language.  Hence you can find out his inner feeling in advance before it comes through the words. If you do not have the same attitude towards him, you have the chance to express it from your body language.

Body language of men in love can be identified from his eyes and eye contact. Also, his nervousness can be caught from his body movements. But you have to use your skill of good eye on details to capture this.

In our next articles, we discuss body language of men in attraction and love more deeply. Stay tuned for new articles. 

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