Top Secrets of keeping Eye contact in Communication

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You cannot wholly understand or get to know about people through his or her words. But if you can read the body language, you can understand any one properly. We have discussed the importance of this topic through our previous articles. From this article, we discuss the eye contact in communication and body language.

Identify the character from Eye contact

When someone is talking, discussing, arguing, or even gossiping with you, you must concentrate and keep your attention to his/her eyes. After listening for certain time, you should look at his eyes directly and deeply. The reaction comes from him to help you to understand his character completely. Response or the result may vary. However you will be able to identify the following body characteristics if you properly read the eye contact in communication.

Look at the eyes directly and read the soul

  • If he takes away the eye contact in communication immediately, the person cannot be trusted. It tells that he is telling lies or he is boasting. You should not count on this type of people. Furthermore, it is tough to maintain a healthy relationship with this type of people;
  • If he looks down immediately, he is not sure or confident about he is telling. This is also not a good sign, and most of the times, this type of people do not have a clear vision in their lives. Moreover, it is tough to work with people like this as they cannot, and they don’t like to take the responsibilities;
  • If he immediately stops or slows down and expresses a shrinking, realizes that his personality is below you. This shows their weak character and negative feelings. You can easily enslave or subjugate this type of people. But it is always good to associate with people with a strong and positive personality;
  • If he keeps the story straight with keeping the eye contact in communication with you, he is a person who speaks with conviction, and you can trust this guy. This type of people is always good to associate, and you can count on him and completely trust him. Moreover, they can be identified as self-motivated individuals, and it is effortless to deal with them.

You can decide and count the people’s inner intention through their eye contact in communication. We hope to write about number of topics like this. We talk about more and more academic and societal topics, therefore stay tuned with us.

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