Importance of Body Language according to Astrology and Asian culture

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In our previous articles we have discussed that there is an undeniable connection between body language and physiognomy. In this article, we discuss the importance of body language in the light of Asian culture and Astrology.

Most Asian countries like India, SriLanka, etc., thoroughly believe in astrology and they think that it tells about the inner soul of people. Astrology is all about planetary and transit. From ancient times astrologist used to say fortune to people about their life using astrology with body characteristics and body language. They have used birthmarks, scars, walking style, postures for forecasting.

Ancient forecasting based on body characteristics can accurately tell many aspects of one’s character. According to this, there are no people with similar body characteristics. If you know these facts, you can avoid dangerous and harmful people from your life. Moreover, it will save and secure you from bad people; thus it is the importance of body language.

History of astrological physiognomy and body language

This science has a direct connection with Mahabharata (Ancient India), and like astrology, this also has more than 5000 years of history. The 2564 year back then in Lord Buddha’s’ time also forecasting on body characteristics is more famous than astrology.

This science has written on historical books like “Kama Sutra”, “Agni Purana“, “Garuda Purana in Mahabharata. Until today astrologist and forecasters use the facts written in books mentioned above. Furthermore, Samudra Muni, Narada Muni and Warana Muni in Mahabharata can be identified as the predecessors of the ancient forecasting based on body characteristics.

The importance of body language to identify different type of men

According to this ancient science, there are 4 main types of men in the world. These types are based on the physical characteristics of men.

e importance of body language to identify different type of men according to their appearance.
1st Type

According to ancient Mahabharata, the first type of men is called as Sasa Purusa. These men have a big and round face and light Red color eyes. Also, they have dark Black hair, and they are medium height. These men have long fingers with Pink color nails also soft and light Brown color palm.

They are very religious and have very calm behaviors. Furthermore, they are kind and intelligent. This type of men can attract anyone easily, and they are very famous. They have good talent in explaining things to others. Moreover, these men are kind-hearted and artistic. They are not amative, but they do commitments towards their love relationships. If some lady can find this type of lover, according to ancient physiognomy she is fortunate.

2nd type

The physical appearance of this type of men is more the same as the 1st type of men. Apart from that, they have big and turbulent eyes. Also, they have a strong body and brash hands and legs. They are always in a smiling face, and their only weakness is this type of men like to eat more foods. This type of men is very kind-hearted, and they always try to protect their beloved ones.

3rd Type

This type of men has a big face when comparing to their body. Their eyes are more like red, and they have to think eyelashes. Their teeth are short. Also, their auricle is big and long. The neck is full of muscles chest is bulgy. This type of men is short, and also they have short fingers. But they are pleasant and friendly.

These men are joyful, friendly, and greedy in women. They like to associate many females. They do not feel shy or afraid. They try to control others using his words. If you can identify these kind of persons in the first sight that is the importance of reading body language.

4th type

Men are in this category is very handsome. They are tall and thin. They have a long face and long hands. Their thumb is very long and big, and it can be identified quickly. But they have very short nails. They do not have much body hair, and their body hair is brown. Also, this type of men has broad shoulders.

Those are very playful and like to associate with influential people. Furthermore, they are magisterial but lawful. This type of men does not want to show their feelings towards the people.

Those are the main types of men according to the Asian astrology, it shows the importance of body language.

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