How to get Male body language attraction?

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In our previous article we discuss the body language of men, and we have noted the importance of male body language attraction has a connection with body characteristics or the physical appearance of men. If you are not comfortable with what is body language, please read the article in here. Today we are going to discuss the relationship between body language of men and their body characteristics in the light of scientific researches. Therefore this article is based on studies done by western researchers.

Human body and reason behind it

We already know that DNA is the central fact behind the structure or the characteristics of the human body. These genes or the DAN (Deoxyribonucleic acid) come from the parents. This is the reason that every child has some similar features as his mother or father or both. Somehow body characteristics, body features or the physical appearance of the people tells many things about behaviors, thinking patterns, etc. So your body parts express your actual qualities, and this has confirmed by the scientific researches.  In this article, we discuss the facial features and secrets revealed for male body language attraction.

What does your nose tell about you?

A research study done by the Journal Of Craniofacial Surgery in 2013 revealed that the shape of someone’s nose expresses many things about his/her characteristics. In this research study, researchers experimented 1700 people, and they have identified 14 types of categories. Finally, they have group noses into main types and observed them. Results of this study are very important to read the male body language.

Nose is one of main factor in Male body language attraction.
Different nose types show different attitudes in male body language.

Long Nose, Short Nose or Curved Nose?

According to this study, people who have long noses are very cheerful, and they like to work hard. They give 1st place in their lives to their workplaces and 2nd place to their personal life. If you can identify this nose type from any man, you can read his body language. It shows that he is a hard-worked, but he gives priority to his work, not personal life.

Men who have short noses give priority to their family and personal lives. These people are sensitive, and they like emotions and feelings. If your partner has this type of nose, his nose shape says he is an excellent person to continue a relationship.

It has been revealed that men who have curved nose or nose like the beak of a hawk they are cunning but these men are good at manage money or finance. Sometimes it may be hard to work with these people as they are cunning, and they always try to get opportunities or advantages. Body language of these types of men shows that they have outstanding talent that very essential for life but, same time, they are hard to handle.

What is the Eyes job in Male body language attraction?

In a research study done by the Orebro University of Sweden they observed eye colors of 428 people and stated these facts about the personal behavior of people based on their eye color.

Eyes are another main fact in Male body language attraction.
The color of the eyes is the mirror of inside.

People who have big brown color eyes are the inborn leaders, and they have the talent to control people. If some men have these types of eyes, it shows that they are leaders and at the same time, you have to think that they maybe try to rule over you. Furthermore, people who have dark brown color eyes are occult.

Light Blue color eyes show the inner power of the people. Men who have dark blue color eyes are strong, and they can be identified as competitors. Moreover, people with a dark+ blue eye are strong, and they are sensitive to their relationships.

Big eyes express that he is an open-minded and friendly man. Men with almond-shaped eyes are more into their relationships, but they show a rough face to the world. If the man is a relaxed and simple guy, you can see it through his eyes. Also, if someone is too serious and hard to work with those qualities can be identified from eyes as well. Therefore eyes are essential in reading the male body language attraction.

The shape of face in male body language

In 2014 Plos One Journal did a research study to find out the connection between the shape of the face and characteristics of people. 160 people participated in this research. According to the results, there is an irrevocable connection between the shape of the face and characteristics. If you or your partner has a long face, it says that you are intelligent and talented. Furthermore, if you have a big face, it means that you can become successful.

According to scientific researches, men who have strong and big chin bone are high level of testosterone hormone in their bodies. This hormone is doing an essential job in men’s body. Men with a high level of testosterone hormone sometimes become arrogant, but they do have a good personality. If you can find out the shape of the men’s face, you can easily find out his inner soul, and this helps you to read his body language.

In our next article, we will discuss the Importance of body language according to astrology and Asian culture.

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