What is Body Language and the practical use of it?

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We cannot talk or express our ideas verbally without words. But our body has a superpower to express our thoughts without any single word. Communication without words is an essential mode of communication that everyone is facing and using in their day-to-day lives. Oxford divided body language into voluntary and involuntary. If it comes intentionally it is called a voluntary body language. Facial expressions and natural reactions come from the person come under involuntary body language. According to the Communication Model by professor Albert  Mehrabian 55% communication consists of actions of the body. Therefore this finding shows the power of body language in communication.

Professor Albert Mehrabin states that the body language consists 55% of total communication. it means the  higher usage of body language.

The importance of body language

This non-verbal language is important for maintaining healthy relationships. When it comes to understand and identify the real inner intention of a person, visual communication plays a significant role. Since most people, most of the time, try to hide their real purpose, this will help out to find the actual person who hides behind the words.

Importance of identify what is body language.
Anyone can say anything being under the different face; but if you able to identify his body language you can reveal his real intention.

Automatically body language drop out the nature of the human mind. Human intentions mostly come out through the actions than the words. For instance, if someone fabricates his body shows it. But if you don’t pay attention to the actions properly, it can’t be identified.  Those body changes and signs as follows: 

  • Way of speaking 
  • Positions and movements of hands and legs 
  • Eye expressions 
  • Lips movements, etc

If someone is fabricating, he tries to speak slowly while thinking and planning. It shows his comfortableness. He may be dramatically moving hands legs. He will try to avoid eye contact with his listeners.

Few practical examples

Furthermore, famous comic actors like Charlie Chaplin and Mr.Bean have used this language effectively to entertain their fans.  Charlie Chaplin can be identified as the pioneer in this art. Unless you can read the body language of the actor, you couldn’t enjoy his shows. Those two actors have expressed so many valuable messages to society without using verbal communication, and this shows the effectiveness of this language. Over the world, they have millions of fans who speak different languages and from different cultural backgrounds, but still, they understand their messages and enjoy their talent. This illustrates the global applicability of this language.

A research study done by Harvard University revealed that women could read body language better than men. According to researchers, this unique talent comes to the woman by born. Hence women body power is less than men nature has given this talent to them to identify risks in advance. Also, this research shows that women who have children are more talented in reading it than other women. Until a small child starts to speak the mother has to identify her child’s needs and requirements from his body language and facial expressions. This may be the reason behind the mothers are experts in reading and identifying it. 

When it comes to using the body language women more into show their feelings or expressions through their eyes and lips. In other words they use facial muscles. It is not convinced that men do not use their eyes and lips to express their feelings. Somehow women’s body expressions are more gentle and soft than men. It comes to them from the nature of humankind. You can find more details of body characteristics from the article in here.

Connection between Self Confidence & Body Language

No matter you are participating for a party, interview or elsewhere body language is a mirror that shows the level of your self-confidence and self-esteem, if you manage your it with the help of your mental power, you will be able to become a star under any spotlight. If you are under the spotlight, you have to be alert on the positioning of your arms and hands, way of your sitting, facial expressions, handshaking style etc. Our next article will give you more details in this regard. Knowledge about those common facts will help you to shine your character in society.

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